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你想让你的孩子接受最好的教育, 但你也需要课程, 文化, 学费也很适合你的家庭. You understand that a private Christian school can uniquely prepare your child for more than just college and career — it will also prepare their heart and mind for life’s challenges and celebrations.

提供私人教育可能令人生畏,但并非不可能. At 新葡京app, 我们尽一切努力通过可变学费增加可及性, 这一切都要感谢慷慨的捐赠者, 筹款, 和奖学金. 

We have been developing confident students who are prepared for lives of Christian discipleship and service since our founding in 1892. 新葡京app的学生是众所周知的, 有价值的, 并因他们在每件事上都追求卓越而受到称赞, 包括毕业后. 我们该怎么做呢?

  • Our Christ-centered curriculum continuously builds on its foundation and fundamentals as students move from 学前教育 通过 幼儿园, 小学, 中间, 高中.
  • EC 高中 students benefit from a rigorous academic program that includes 40+ advanced and dual enrollment courses, 以及个性化的大学和职业咨询. 
  • Enrichment opportunities inside and outside the classroom allow students to explore interests in 视觉艺术、音乐、戏剧等等. 
  • 有竞争力的 体育运动 across 30+ sports teams encourage students to practice sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline.
  • 这里有辅导员,学生与老师的比例很低, we’re intentional about getting to know our students and how to best meet their needs. 
  • 我们在这里强调社区,通过服务工作建立关系, 实地考察旅行, 团队运动, 以及年度活动, 比如返校节和冬季狂欢节.

要了解更多新葡京app的课程以及您的孩子如何在这里茁壮成长, 下载免费家长资料包.


变量的学费 is a means of helping as many families as possible in northern New Jersey and surrounding areas afford an 新葡京app education. We know one of your biggest priorities is giving your child the best education possible, 我们使用的可变学费系统提供了一个清晰的, 公正的, transparent process for determining a family’s financial aid eligibility.

完成可变学费申请流程后, 我们将能够确定你家庭的实际学费. 许多家庭都很愉快!) surprised to find out that an 新葡京app education really is affordable for them, 毕竟. (家庭必须 提交入学申请 在申请可变学费之前.)


“我们感到很幸运能成为一个以基督为中心的学习社区的一部分. We can’t count the number of times we reflect on how EC reinforces positive values for our daughter. 我们真切地感受到家、教堂和学校是紧密相连的. She comes home each day and shares her “EC adventures” with us and her little brother. 他很兴奋今年就要开学了. 在英侨,我们有信心把我们最珍贵的礼物留给老师, 工作人员, 以及关心他们发展各个方面的志愿者. 

We also really appreciate the PTO and striving to foster community amongst the parents.”



当你考虑到新葡京app, 我们欢迎您对可变学费提出问题, 奖学金, 付款计划, 或者其他想到的东西. 我们的招生团队 is here to help guide you 通过 this process so that you can determine which learning environment is best for your child(ren).

学费2024 - 2025

(PK3 PK4)
(pk3, pk4, tk)

K3 3岁班| PK4 4岁班| TK 过渡幼儿园

有关新葡京app学前教育项目的信息, 请访问我们的幼儿园页面

幼儿园- 12年级
(3全日+ 2半天)
$5,740 – $10,440
(4全日+ 1半天)
$6,460 – $11,745
$7,180 – $13,050
等级4 - 8$8,090 – $14,700
9 - 12年级$10,010 – $18,200


  • 教科书和教学材料*
  • 实地考察*
  • 心理健康资源和支持
  • 类费用*
  • Student admission to all on-campus concerts and most regular season athletic events*
  • 创客空间和媒体中心接入 
  • 1:1装置(二年级开始)*
  • 班级活动(例如:社会活动和当地服务机会)
  • 学术咨询和大学咨询 
  • 大学申请协助



  • 资本改善费 新葡京app评估1美元,000 资本改善费 to all new families with students entering grades 6-12.
  • 停车费 东部基督教高中的学生司机每辆车支付50美元.
  • 活动费用 Grades 6-12 pay $300 per sport and grades 9-12 pay $300 per theater season and for robotics club. 家庭收费上限为1,000元.
  • 技术的费用 K-12年级每年支付200美元的技术费.


How does Eastern Christian determine if a family is eligible for variable tuition?

Any family (current or new) of a 幼儿园 通过 12th grade student may apply for 变量的学费. Many factors are considered when determining the tuition amount a family is able to pay, 包括收入, 资产, 不同寻常的费用, 家庭规模. The resources available for the family in a given year must also be considered in light of the 变量的学费 awards available at 新葡京app.

It is not possible for a family or the school to estimate the tuition level for which a family qualifies without the completion of a 可变学费申请. Applications are submitted directly to Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, a third-party agency. Blackbaud evaluates the application based on criteria set by the school and then makes a recommendation to the school’s 变量的学费 team. Families are notified of the tuition level for which they qualify from the school’s financial office.


新葡京app has a generous budget of approximately $2M in 变量的学费 funds and strives to help as many families as possible with those resources. Families who need help affording Eastern Christian should apply for 变量的学费 as soon as possible.


变量的学费 is available for families with students in 幼儿园 通过 grade 12. 可获得的援助根据入学年级的水平而有所不同, 等距, 申请人数, 预算资金.

Could applying for 变量的学费 diminish the chances of my child being accepted to 新葡京app?

No, an application for 变量的学费 does not affect the admission process. Regardless of financial need, parents should initiate the admission process as early as possible.

Do I need to apply to 新葡京app to receive confirmation of my 变量的学费?

是的. New families may apply for 变量的学费 only after they have applied for admission. 新葡京app is a continuous enrollment school; current families must submit a 可变学费申请 each year if they would like to be considered for a financial award that year.

Upon completion of my application, when will I receive confirmation of my 变量的学费?

Families will typically hear from our financial office within two weeks of providing all the required information to our confidential third-party service.




是的. 每年必须提交一份新的申请.


是的. 不符合条件的家庭可以在第二年重新申请.


接受的其他形式的学费援助包括 学费减免奖励计划, 你的学费解决方案 (融资选项),以及 三县奖学金. 如果你目前是三县奖学金的获得者, please note that you must reapply annually in order to be considered for a renewal. 这些申请也要在2月的第一个星期前截止.

Many of our families come from churches that support Eastern Christian directly, 他们的祈祷和经济支持. 如果你需要额外的帮助来支付你的学费, please contact your church to inquire whether they might be able to assist you.


如果你想在卑尔根县或帕塞伊克县找一所私立PK-12学校, we hope you’ll come visit 新葡京app and see firsthand how our Christian education model can benefit your child(ren) and family.